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Arathi Dawn is currently not recruiting.
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Welcome to Arathi Dawn

Welcome to our new home!  Arathi Dawn is dedicated to the Alliance and all those that believe in the good of Azeroth.  We are a casual raiding guild that loves to have fun on The Scryers Realm.

If you are accepted into Arathi Dawn, you will become part of a family! We are a guild that helps one another in any way we can. We raid everything from Onyxia to Ulduar.

As a player, you will not be given the easy path to achieve level 80. When you do reach that ultimate goal, we will guide you on your way to raiding with us. We do not believe in holding a player's hand to level them. It doesn't allow a player to reach his full potential as a raider. Survivability is very important when it comes to fighting bosses in Naxxramas and Ulduar. So, if you are looking for a guild to power level you, you are looking in the wrong place!

If you want to have fun and enjoy the end content then Arathi Dawn may be the guild for you. Just contact Helanni or Katalinda in-game to set up an interview.
Code of Conduct

Rules of Arathi Dawn

1. NO DRAMA! People disagree that's understandable but you need solve any problem that you have or we will solve it for you. Treat all members with respect. Everyone is here to have fun so do just that.

2. No Begging.  No Exceptions!  Do not ask players for gold

3. Ventrilo.   It is a privilege. If you can't conduct yourself in an orderly manner then you will be removed from the vent. If we are in a raid you are to keep the channel free of chatter so the leader can direct the group.

4. No Harrassment! We are not a dating service so please do not use it as one.

5. We are NOT a power leveling/twink/gearing guild. We will not drag your toon through levels. We will not run you through the same instance multiple times for drops. There will not be any arguing over loot.

6. We are a mature guild but that does not mean that everyone uses foul language so be respectful and try to keep it to a minimum in guild chat. I am more concerned with the context then the language.

7. Do Not abuse the guild bank! You will be removed from the guild. It is there to help you improve your character not improve your wallet. If you see something you need in the bank that you cannot access then an officer or veteran will get it for you provided that you have a good reason.

8. Last but not least HAVE FUN! It is a game treat it like one. We all spend our hard earned money to enjoy our time with each other.

9.  For all of our raids and groups, please download  Ask an officer in the game for the port and password information.  Ventrilo will be required; mic is optional.  You will find that we use ventrilo for our socializing. 

10.We do recommend that you download Deadly Boss Mods and Omen Threat meter. They are very helpful for raiding.

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Arathi Dawn Has a New Address!

System, Aug 31, 09 11:14 AM.
Arathi Dawn has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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